Blackboard content can be organized in folders.  Canvas organizes content in Modules and does not have folders. When imported, the Blackboard course items, files, and links will be copied into Modules with, if applicable, the previous folder's name. 

Large amounts of Blackboard content imported into Canvas will result in a very long list of items in Modules.  Make sure to take the time to review and organize your content to prevent usability issues.

Content items with multiple attachments may import as a Page containing only one of the files. The other files will be in the Files area. Edit the Page and re-attach the files or add the files to a Module as individual items.

Blackboard content includes external links, files, audio and video files, images, or other uploaded content. This does not include third-party tools such as Tegrity, Kaltura, Turnitin, Collaborate Ultra, REEF, and VoiceThread.  Third-party tool links will need to be recreated.


Rethinking your organization structure can be a time consuming process. Some content may not appear in Modules.  Check Files for any missing content.

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