In Canvas, you have some control over the course home page—the first page that students see when they log in.

Under the Course Status menu on the current course home page, click Choose Home Page.

Course Status menu, Choose Home Page circled in red

Your choices are as follows:

Choose Home Page menu. Choices include Course Activity Stream, Pages Front Page, Course Modules, Assignments List, and Syllabus.

  • Course Activity Stream—allows students an at-a-glance view of new announcements, new discussion and discussion posts, and new graded assignments.
  • Pages Front Page—see information below on how to set this up for your course.
  • Course Modules—the listing of all course modules and course module content (files, assignments, discussions, etc.).
  • Assignments List—a list of all course assignments and due dates
  • Syllabus—In Canvas, the Syllabus page is automatically generated based on assignments and events within a course; it lists these items along with their due dates. You might also choose to attach a Word copy of your complete syllabus here.

Creating a Custom Home Page

To create a custom home page, you will need to to the following:

  • Create your page under the Pages section of Canvas. (See the Canvas Guides to learn more about creating pages.)
  • Under the Pages link, click the gear icon Gear icon used to access page settings in Canvas beside your new page. Choose Use as Front Page.

Once you have set the front page, you can use it as your course home page.