Adaptive Release is the name for a feature in Blackboard that allows instructors to control access to content and activities within the course. In Canvas, instructors have many methods to control access to content at the assignments, modules, pages and files level.

Canvas has features that allow you to:

  • Make a module, assignment, discussion or announcement available by date
  • Restrict an assignment
  • Create instructor-only modules or files
  • Require students to complete activities or quizzes before moving on to the next module
  • Require students to earn a certain grade on a specific assignment before moving on
  • Allow one student extra time on a quiz

Adaptive Settings in Assignments:

Assignments can be restricted by individual students or sections in the Assign to area. Setting the due date for an assignment will make it so that the assignment appears on the students calendar. Use the Available From date to limit when students can access it. Click the Add button to make additional adaptive settings for other students or sections in the class.

Adaptive Settings in Modules:

Within a module, instructors can lock the module until a certain date by selecting the lock until box and setting the date they wish students to access it. Instructors can also add additional requirements using the add requirement link, such as forcing students to achieve a certain score on a prior assessment before accessing the module. Access can also be controlled by requiring students to view (open) a page in one of the modules before moving on to the next link. For more information on how to set requirements in Modules, please see this link:

Restrict Files and Folders from Students:

Canvas has options to limit who can see files and folders in the Files area of Canvas. Instructors can choose whether to publish, unpublish or restrict access to whom and by date.  For a full explanation of this tool see:

Allow extra time on a quiz for individual students:

Instructors can customize the time available and duration of a quiz for each student if desired. To adjust the date or time allowed on a quiz, choose moderate this quiz, select the students who need extensions, then choose change extensions for # students. Instructors can then choose whether to allow extra attempts or give extra time. For more information on how to do this, see this guide:

Restrict Access to Module Content
Within the module, instructors can lock a module by date, score, submission status, or review status. Instructors can also require that modules be completed in order.